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Predator 2

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Released: 1992

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Publisher: Arena

Developer: Teeny Weeny Games

Submitted by: Gary Reynolds

A review of Predator 2 off the top of my head after playing recently.Predator 2 is a top down iso perspective shooter.you play as Danny Glover,well im guessing thats who it is! The whole city and a million and one crack heads are out to gun you down,the Predator who the game is named after is not your main worry weirdly enough.Ok the object of the game is run around shooting anyone who moves (and thats alot so invest in a turbo pad) once there dead you collect their drugs for points,yes drugs for points which im guessing Mr G dissposes of safely,well i like to think so.while doin all this you must save the hostages that are dotted around each stage before the predator,or rather his red dots splatter them all over the place,do this and move on to the next stage and repeat.the predator does make an apperance eventually but you will be bored or dead before that part,its a cool game for a few minutes quickly gets boring and repetitive.oh and a last couple of things,THE MUSIC! what the hell! and remember this,if you smoke crack Danny Glover will assault you.