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Released: 1991

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: PC - DOS

Publisher: Titus

Developer: Titus

Submitted by: Konstantinos Patiniotis

Looking back into those old dos games i remember playing this one on my friend's PC. It was one of the first games i saw that had VGA graphics and it looked awesome.

The game is about a prehistorik man who needs to go out on a search for food to feed his family. So you don't have just to hit enemies with your club (or stone axe if you find it) but also to collect them when their dazed. This way you'll fill your food meter, making it possible for you to pass the lvl.

The game's graphics are simply beautiful, everything from the scenery (prehistoric world, snow, forest etc etc) to the faces of stunned enemies, to the big bosses looks great, and is accompanied by pleasant musical themes.

If you like old platformers give prehistorik a try, and help a good food-collector feed his family, i know i did and loved it too.