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Prince of Persia

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Released: 1990

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Domark

Developer: Broderbund/Jordan Mechner

Submitted by: ROBIN HOOKE

I have to be honest Prince of Persia is not one of my favorite Amstrad games or on any system for that matter it has to be said.it is one of the best games to show off just what the Amstrad CPC could do in the right hands.

The graphics are just utterly stunning when you consider the hardware this game was disigned for,they are almost 16 bit quality with simply amazing anamation it even has the opening intro where the sultan come’s in and sets the egg timer down ok the sound is quite basic but it does the job well.who cares when the visuals are this good.it was the only 8 bit version to get the game at that time(ok so the sam coupe had a version aswell but in my opinion it’s more like a 16 bit computer than an 8bit) and the c64 has only just got a conversion 18 years later. This was a real ground breaking game using real action footage for the main character.
based on graphics alone i would rate this 9.5/10.