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Released: 1991

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Palcom Software

Developer: Konami

Submitted by: Mike Wilcox

Probotector? Why rename Contra from a name everyone knows to……Probotector! Not only did Konami rename this one, they decided to rename Gradius to Nemesis (which isnt too bad, but still).

Right, that niggle aside, now for some history of the game.

Probotector was released on the Game Boy in 1990, and was called Operation C in Japan. Playing as RD008 (instead of Bill), your mission is to blast the alien scum back to whatever universe they came from. The five levels differenciate between side scrollers and birds eye view. You shoot flying thingys to get different weapons, just like in Turrican. You pick up different shots like the chase shot, wide shot and what I call the Devastator 'fatboy' shot. This is where some strategy comes into play. Like all the other Contra/Probotector games, you have to pick the correct gun for the correct situation. Pick the wrong one, and you have an uphill fight on your hands. Pick the right one, and it becomes much easier.

Nicely animated and plays like a dream, this is the definitive Contra/Probotector game for the Game Boy. It's tough going from the get go but thats part and parcel with any Contra/Probotector game. But thats part of its addictiveness too. That one more go factor from a game that throws everything at you including the kitchin sink, a cow and a frenchman named Pierre.