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Released: 1990

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Eldritch The Cat

Submitted by: Ash H

Projectyle, it's a game of three halves!

This is a game where three tribes/teams compete against each other in an arena. The sports arena is divided into five sections and stuck together it's shaped like a cross. There are 8 teams to choose from, some humanoid and some alien. Each player stands on a floating disc and every team has a player in each of the five areas. There is a central zone with no goals, an attack zone which each team has to defend one and a frantic zone, where there are three goals and all hell breaks loose. The idea is to knock the projectyle into the opponents area and score a goal.

As said it's a game of three halves. During the game bonus objects appear which can be picked up. These can effect the pitch, player and other things too. There is money to be collected too. Money is important as between each match your players will need training. Each player is different and can get injured. You don't want to lose your top scorer do you?

Projectyle is full of options from sound effects, music and skill levels to goal replays and faces shown when a goal is scored. There is a league to compete in as well as sudden death matches. Up to three players can take part which is great fun as the action can get quite frantic. Very easy to play, smooth if not amazing graphics and decent sound and music. Projectyle is hard to find now but if you do, grab your mates and enjoy.