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Puchi Carat

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Released: 1997

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Taito

Developer: Taito

Submitted by: Ki Powell

Another great puzzle game from Taito. Released on the Sony PlayStation in 1997 this game was following hot on the heels of the incredibly addictive (and understandably quite popular) Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition.

Instead of firing bubbles from the bottom of the screen adding to the current pile of bubbles (or decreasing said bubbles if you were any good at it), this time around we have a paddle with a ball which is used to destroy gems which must be kept above the line of above the paddle. The ball bounces convincingly off the paddle and there are no complaints from me about how the ball reacts to the walls, gems or paddle. All of this happens in front of an Anime-style background featuring cute characters who react in various ways depending on how well you are playing and what combos you put together.

The game came complete with Story, Trial, Rapid and Time Attack modes. Obviously it's in multiplayer that the game shines but don't overlook the addictive and challenging single player Story mode. Story being you choose your character who challenges the remaining 11 characters to collect 12 gems. Gems grant you the chance to make a wish.

Don't get me wrong, Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition was a brilliant bubble-popping puzzle game. However Puchi Carat does not shame itself, so if you're after an alternative on the same system check this one out.