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R-Type Delta

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Released: 1999

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Irem

Developer: Irem

Submitted by: Ashley Hodgetts

There are a few series of horizontal scrolling shooters that keep on coming back on system after system. One of the first that springs to mind has to be R-Type. The original over twenty years ago knocked the socks off anything else at the time. The series still impresses me in the present.

R-Type Delta is the fourth game was only released on the playstation. Things have certainly improved and moved on in the series. In the year 2163, the war with the Bydo rages on. Now it has moved into the 3d realm. The game itself is still at heart a horizontal scrolling affair. But the backgrounds and enemy come in and out of the screen. You also now have an choice of three fighters. Each has it's own unique force attachment. These in turn each have a delta weapon which needs charging. You do this by absorbing into your force enemy fire. Once it has a full charge the awesome delta weapon can be released and each ship has a different one. The force itself is used quite alot to get through some places. Completing the game also unlocks another ship, but you will have to play it to see this one.

There are seven stages in delta known as contact. Each stage simply looks amazing. The visuals all through the game are well detailed. As said things have moved on. The first level for example has a snake like creature which glides in and out of the screen destroying everything in its path. It may look familiar to you from the original R-Type where on the first level you had to fly through and destroy a beast that moved around in a circle. In fact, a lot of the old enemies make an appearance. Quite a few of the old bosses are here and now in 3d. This makes them even deadlier.

I think every R-Type game has been a dream for the gamer to play. Out of all the games of this type I have played on the playstation, this for me is the best. As always, the power-ups are awesome. The attention to detail is impressive. The second level features alot of water and anything that touches the water gives off a splash. R-Type Delta takes you on a journey into the unknown but you gladly continue on the journey wondering what's next. If you could only have one shooter for your playstation, this has to be it. The force is strong in this one.