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Radar Mission

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Released: 1990

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Submitted by: Leigh Ramsden

Although by no means breaking new ground, Radar Mission was a solid military 'twofer' on the Game Boy in 1990.

Of the two games on offer, the first is a faithful recreation of the classic Battleship where you and a cpu opponent take turns ripping holes in the sea to find and destroy each other's craft. Progressing through increasingly cunning opponents eventually sees you attacking their land defences in the same manner.

The second game is more of an action submarine game in which you pan left and right beneath the briny to track opponents on the surface, choosing your moment carefully to spring up and deploy your arsenal against the enemy. You can opt to take the safe route and systematically destroy the enemy fleet one by one or go for gold and charge straight for the significantly more wily enemy submarine.

On a shelf lined with brightly coloured peers I remember that Radar Mission stood apart with it's stalwart brown box and dramatic cover art (missile wakes headed toward a battleship viewed in quirky diagonal) .

Developed by the late, great Gunpei Yokoi, Radar Mission was one of the few Game Boy titles to make use of the Link cable to allow players to go head to head. Unfortunately as everyone else I knew with a Game Boy was too busy with Zelda or Mario to engage in a battle for survival on the ocean waves, I played alone with only my pixellated foes for sport.

If you see it today, definitely worth a few quid if only to hear the Game Boy equivalent of Wagner meets funky jazz accompanying your torpedo assaults.