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Rampage: World Tour

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Released: 1997

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Midway

Developer: Point Of View

Submitted by: James Linnane

By 1997, Midways destruction romp arcade classic “Rampage” was 8 years old and well suited for a revamping on the latest consoles, Alas, by this time, the SNES had died its untimely video death, and the N64 was nintendo's latest offering to the market. Despite housing SNES-esq graphics “Rampage World-tour” was the N64 smash up destruction sequel to its arcade and home console elder.

As before, you comendeer 1 of 3 monsters: George, a giant king kong like ape, Lizzie: Godzilla's destructive lizard lovechild and Ralph: a werewolfy thing. The monster of your choice is set loose on over 100 cities of the world which you can creativly access by snatching World flags during levels hense the subtitle: “World Tour”.

Among the stages you must destroy every Skyscraper,restaurant and genrally building in sight before the town is evacuated, by destroying it all you can rack up handy “Total destruction” bonuses leading to extra lives etc. Aswell as this you can smash windows to reveal all sorts of goodies from food to humans, which are also food.

While single player is fun and as satysfying as it is to watch world famous landmarks collapse to the ground, after the first 70 levels, it becomes slightly monotonous and repetative. Heres where multiplayer is a real party, 3 players can control all 3 monsters and compete for destruction points,food and even punch and kick each other of skyscrapers aswell as the unforgettable bonus “brawl to the death” levels and controlling the invincable secret mutant V.E.R.N.

Its an unforgettable N64 romp, thats a direct upstaging of its predessecor. And holds many “Destructive” memories for me!
There were ports on Playstation 1, saturn, PC and its humble arcade roots, but if you see it second hand anywhere,i reccomend picking it up, its an unlikely N64 hero!