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Road Rash

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Released: 1994

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: 3DO

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Electronic Arts

Submitted by: stuart cochrane

Road Rash on Mega drive was one of the best racing games on 16-bit consoles so when EA announced a 32-bit version for 3DO, expectations were high. After much delay when the game finally arrived it certainly lived up to those expectations, sadly it was too little too late though as 3DO was already a dying breed.

The first thing you see (after the "don't try this at home message) is the FMV intro and what an intro it is. When most CD based games were either trying unsucessfully to make a decent game from FMV or throwing together cheap intro videos in thier broom cuboard EA were splashing out on real actors and stuntmen to produce some of my favourite cutscene's and intro ever. check them out on youtube if you have never had the plesure.

Then their was the music, with the advent of CD driven consoles came CD quality music and EA licenced some of the best Rock tunes of the time for this game, they could't have found a better track for that intro than soundgardens "rusty cage".

Unlike most 2D racing games where all you have to contend with is corners and competitors Road Rash throws cars, vans, pedestrians, the police, roadblocks and Cows at you… oh and your competitors are club and chain weilding maniacs out to destroy your pride, bike and face.

The graphics are some of the best on 3DO with digitised images used to great effect and as you progress through the game the tracks become longer and more gourgeous. The great handling from the sega versions had also been ported across perfectly and made you feel like a pro as you zip through traffic and leave the police in a cloud of dust.

By far the best thing about Road Rash was as soon as you stuck the game on your mates would suddenly stop laughing at you for buying a 3DO in the first place, Maybe if games like this, Need for Speed and Star control had come along earlier the Gaming world could have been a different place today and we all might be downloading this retro gem for our M4 hardware.

Road Rash

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Released: 1991

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Electronic Arts

Submitted by: Damian Butt

The brief for Electronic Arts was simple, create a motorcycle racing game with a difference. The solution was an intense road race on public roads with one vital ingredient – unadulterated violence. In Road Rash you are a young rookie ‘rasher’ (I thought that was bacon – Ed) who must win races in order to buy bigger bikes and one day become the top dog.

What makes Road Rash so playable is the speed, the ever present danger of oncoming traffic and pedestrians, and the fact that you must keep your eye on the road whilst punching or whipping your brutal opponents. Released way back in 1991, Road Rash has yet to be bettered. Even though there was a sequel, it didn’t have the same magic and a poor two player mode that was unplayable.