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Released: 1992

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: 21st Century Entertainment

Developer: Enigma

Submitted by: Ash H

Set in the future, a part of the world has been devastated by nuclear radiation. All the humans and creatures there have mutated and now threaten the rest of the world. Ahead of you is seven levels of shooting and platforms to negotiate, plus a level set underwater.

The first thing I noticed is how good this game looks. The backdrops are colourful and well detailed. Your character as well as the many different creatures you will face have been well animated. Rubicon can jump as well as crouch to avoid enemy fire, but unlike better known games such as Turrican, it all feels a bit limited.

There are a fair choice of weapons to use once you have picked up pods that float down from above. You start with a bog standard laser gun which can soon be upgraded. Choices include scatter gun, rockets, homing missile and a high powered laser. But these are a limited supply, use them too often before the big bosses appear and you will be back to your laser gun. Each time an enemy touches you, your energy will go down, when it reaches zero you lose a life. The bigger enemies in the game also have an energy bar which goes down the more times you hit them. You also have the option of a rocket pack to fly along part of the level to avoid some of the ground nasties.

As said there are some well animated creatures in this game, some will take quite a few shots to destroy and thats before you reach the end of the level. The game is quite hard and will take you a while to reach the later levels. Not at all a bad game but when compared with Turrican or even Jim Power, it will come out second best.