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Ruff N Tumble

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Released: 1994

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Renegade

Developer: Renegade

Submitted by: Jamie Morgan

What a game this is. I absolutely love it and it still own it and still play it on my Amiga 500. The graphics are stunning, sound effects are wicked and the music is rocking. This game is a screen scrolling platformer by Renegade. You play as Ruff Rodgers who has entered a fantasy world who is on a mission to recover his Marbles and defeat the evil Dr Destiny and his Tinhead Army. His weapon of choice is his Machine Gun which can be shot in seven different directions which is great as the enemies are everywhere at times. The explosions after defeating enemies is very impressive with a great sound to match. More weapons can be collected along the way including Lasers, Flame Throwers and even Rocket Launchers, but they don’t last long, but they can last longer if Ruff collects the Weapon Power Up Pickup. The game includes four graphic worlds, sixteen levels, secret rooms, jump pads, rocket ladders and more. Each world finishes off with the usual guardian which are great fun. Ruff moves onto the next level after he collects the number of marbles needed and then finds the exit. This really is a great game which was released back in 1994 and I recommend it to all platformer fans.