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Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000

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Released: 1999

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Silicon Dreams

Submitted by: James Holian

One of the first football titles for the Dreamcast, Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 comes stacked to the rafters with features galore. Silicon Dreams really have come up with the goods on this one, and Trevor Brooking and his inimitable rambling provides some of the commentary. Some of the options are much more detailed than other football games on other platforms, the four player option being a particular favourite. The perfect excuse for not blaming yourself for conceding that sloppy second goal.
This is a really fun game, even if you aren't all that into football. The commentary is realistic, there are lots of stadiums to choose from, countless teams, fantastic formation and substitution options, lots of different modes like tournaments, leagues, custom leagues, training etc. The game play is good fun, you can score some excellent goals and there is a huge variation of skill moves that can be easily mastered. While UEFA Striker emphasises the arcade style of play and could be accused of leaving little to chance in favour of high speed action, Worldwide Soccer takes a much more considered approach. You can definitely notice this is you‘ve played both games, passes don't go straight to the feet of your man and even the least adept of button pushers can mount an effective defence without too much difficulty. On the negative side, the AI of the players is lacking slightly (they seem to act like robots) and the graphics don't do justice to the Dreamcast, visually this game is more like an N64 game, with the players being rather square. The surroundings are good though, and the game still has a fairly realistic feel. None of this really takes away from the game.

Unfortunately the Dreamcast never had a killer football title in it’s library and what with EA’s refusal to develop for the console, it never gained any FIFA titles that the general game buying public blindly buys year in ,year out, regardless of quality. Would the addition of EA support have helped the Dreamcast in Europe? Who knows, but personally I think good riddance to them.