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Sensible Golf

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Released: 1995

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Virgin Interactive

Developer: Sensible Software

Given that most of my Amiga exposure came through a local play centre when I was growing up, I wasn’t in the habit of checking out the latest Amiga reviews – so when I came across Sensible Golf there, I was expecting nothing less than the greatness of Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder, both of which I’d experienced on the Mega Drive. You all know where this is going: I didn’t get that.

I’ve always quite enjoyed golf games despite having no affinity for the real sport, and particularly arcade-style ones, but Sensible Golf really didn’t click with me. It’s kind of stuck between being a simplified simulator and a full-on crazy golf experience. Once I’d got the hang of timing my swings, it wasn’t hard to reach the green – despite the abundance of water hazards and sand traps on the courses, I was aided by the lack of wind. But putting was enormously fiddly, to the point that I got very frustrated and quit playing before too long.

Over the years, I felt I might have been too quick to dismiss the game during my childhood. After all, there was clearly a lot to do in the game and it was meant to be more enjoyable in multiplayer, so I returned to it to see if I’d appreciate it more with age. Unfortunately, within a few moments I was cursing the putter all over again and the frustration had returned in full force. Sadly Sensible Golf just isn’t great.