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Released: 1999

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Acclaim

Developer: Acclaim

Submitted by: John Myers

Shadow Man is an adventure game comparable to games like Tomb Raider. Most gameplay takes place in a third person perspective, though there is an option for first-person aiming. The player can run, jump, climb, swim and perform various other actions. Combat is focused on the use of firearms, the most important of which is the Shadowgun, a pistol through which Mike can channel his shadow power and reap life energy from his enemies. Numerous other weapons also exist, such as voodoo implements, ordinary Earth weapons, and some oddly-designed Deadside firearms.

Shadow Man is one of few games of its time to feature a 3D targeting feature.This allowed for the player to lock-on to an enemy and strafe around them as desired during combat. Also unique to a game of its time, Shadow Man has a dual-wielding system, allowing the player to equip two items controlled by two different buttons/keys and use them independently of each other yet at the same time.

The main focus of Shadow Man is the collection of “Dark Souls”, a set of 120 indestructible souls which imbue Mike with greater power once enough are absorbed. As the player collects them their shadow power level will increase level by level (to a maximum of 10), which serves two purposes: it increases the charge potential of the Shadowgun so the player can cause more damage, and it determines what level of coffin gates the player can open in Deadside. The player’s voodoo meter increases in tandem with their shadow level, allowing voodoo weapons to be used for greater periods.

A very big and enjoyable game that also came with a map supplyed to help you not get lost,which came as a problem to many gamers