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Shining Force III

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Released: 1997

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: Sega Saturn

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Camelot

Submitted by: David McMahon

Shining Force has a long list of sequels and add on’s and for number three to be made for the Saturn was no surprise. With some of the versions on the Mega Drive being a hit to myself and other gamers, expectations could have been high with the developers to make best use of the extra advantages the Saturn made over the Mega Drive.

The game itself was made into 3 Scenarios yet the first was only to see a European and US release. I know the European and US games markets are dominated by other genres like shoot em ups like Quake and Doom and sports like Fifa and Pro Evolution but there is a strong fan base for RPG’s and for Japan to deny us Scenario 2 and 3 is a disappointment. Completing the full series was the only way to see the proper ending.

PSM magazine said that the second and third scenarios were shorten down and put together as one storyline for Konami’s Suikoden III but I never bothered to find out as it was only available to Japan (no surprise) and America and to be honest it was 5 years too late.

Scenario 1 stood up to the standard I expected and it continued the success Shining Force had made itself from the past but Sega were a let down over why we only deserved a third of the trilogy.