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Slightly Magic

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Released: 1991

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Codemasters

Developer: Colin Jones

Submitted by: John Myers

This game was one of those last games ever to be released on the ZX spectrum.

The gameplay in Slightly Magic is closely related to the gameplay of Dizzy. As with Dizzy, the player starts off with no equipment and has to explore the area to find items and solve puzzles, but Slightly Magic expands this idea by allowing the use of spells to solve puzzles. The player must collect the ingredients and the correct spell word to cast a spell, which would allow the player to solve a puzzle (for example, a fish spell to turn into a fish and swim in water).

This game was still a very hard game when it came to progressing through each puzzle but it was still an enjoyable game.a classic game in my opinion.