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Released: 1994

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Amiga 1200

Publisher: Shareware

Developer: Daisy Software / Paul Burkey

Submitted by: Phil Cocking

Sneech, in the simplest terms is the game Snake mixed with Tron (the light cycles part, but taken to new levels). Powerups, enemies, etc. It’s great! This is one of the better known Paul Burkey games. Unlike other AMOS games, this one is actually playable and addictive!
The best way to experience this is by trying it yourself.

The Foundation series of games are Paul’s best known games. Released commercially in the last few years (1998ish), I would best describe this game as Settlers done all over again.
Although I was never a big fan of this game (I only ever played it on occasion), it was well received by magazines and Amiga users worldwide.

Back then the game was written using AMOS Pro, on a 512k computer running at 14.4Mhz, using a 320×256 pixel display in 32 colours! We did have up to 4 Joysticks though!

The game fuses the classic Snake genre with Multiplayer deathmatch action. Today most people will recognise the game as Nokia Snake, but Sneech pre-dates Nokia snake by some years. The Snake genre goes back as far as the mid 70′s! Sneech was a different beast altogether!

Today Sneech is being rewritten from scratch in highly portable C++ code, using standard technologies like OpenGL for rendering. The game will initially be tested and released for iPhone, but Windows and Mac versions will soon be developed alongside. Mmuch of the Network Multiplayer functionality will be tested on a Windows version, before it gets added to iPhone (in a later revision) and Mac.

The modern Sneech will feature high resolution displays, Multiplayer (via Network) support via Bluetooth/WiFi/LAN/Internet, lots of new effects, all the classic sounds sampled from the original Amiga version, plus new sounds, graphics, and game modes.