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Snow Surfers

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Released: 1999

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Sega

Developer: UEP Systems

Submitted by: James Holian

If you like boarding games like the Cool Boarders or 1080 you will feel at home with Snow Surfers. The game was created by the same people who made the Cool Boarders games on the PS1. The level design in Snow Surfers is decent, with lots of jumps and traps etc to keep players on their toes. You are pitted against a clock with very little time on it, instead of racing other characters. I think this is a bit of a shame but certainly creates a challenge. The first levels are easy, but it starts to get really hard to in the third level. There will be tight little corners that you will run into, and you will have to learn all the traps and shortcuts in order to reach the checkpoints in time. The fourth level is really hard, what makes it so difficult are the hairpin turns, which bring us onto the control.

The character are just too slow and almost grind to a halt any time you attempt a turn. But the main problem with the controls are the trick system. You have designated trick areas where your successful tricks will add up to your total point score. Basic tricks are available and pretty easy to pull off, but you may have trouble stringing them together. A lot of the instructions are not included in the manual and no tutorial is given so you have to figure everything out by trial and error. To do anything you have to be very accurate.

To achieve first place rankings on the tracks you will have to completely memorize the track and hit perfect tricks off every hit. To pull tricks is also tough to master, and landing them is almost impossible. I played this for a long time and unlocked less than half of the games features. You can't pick this game up and master it in a night or two, but when you get the hang of it, you will be rewarded.

As the only dedicated Dreamcast snowboarding title, it’s definitely recommended for fans of the genre.