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Soul Calibur

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Released: 1998

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Namco

Developer: Namco

Submitted by: Sepp Salerno

My Mrs has a 12-year-old brother who loves gaming. He grew up in a completely different era to me, the first console he owned was a PS2, and for him an arcade is filled with grabbing machines, and bandits. Sad really. But due to these facts, his demand for graphical quality is high, and he’s knee deep in the next generation of games offered up by machines like the 360, and PS3. Don’t get me wrong, he loves knocking about on my collection of retro consoles that keep him entertained for an hour or so, but really to him they must look like tartan flares laying on a space hopper. I’ve got a pretty tidy selection of gaming history, so it was only recently he clocked my Dreamcast. “What should I play on it first?” he asked me kneeing on the floor in front of it. “Well…” there’s some real cracking titles for the Dreamcast, pretty much all having a ‘pick up and play’ factor, but I thought his best introduction to this beast of a machine should be the same as mine – Namco’s Soul Calibur. Good call you might say, as it actually blew his head off. He played it for nearly three hours straight, and then again when he came over on another occasion, and again, and again. I’ve always rated everything about this game, the beautiful arcade perfect graphics and sound, the fluid movement on everything within the game not just the characters, which might I add are imaginatively crafted and a joy to play as, but for the game to leave a 12 year old, next generation fed kid with a dropped jaw, raving about everything in Soul Calibur sort of took me aback. It shouldn’t, I know this game is fantastic, but still it did. “This game looks better than anything on the 360” he beamed. To hear those words from one so young is almost bitter sweet, to think what could have been for Sega and the mighty DC. In case you are wondering, a Dreamcast is on his Christmas list this year.