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South Park

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Released: 1999

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Acclaim

Developer: Iguana Entertainment

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

South Park the game like the other two South Park games was just another way to generate cash. Released for the N64,PS1 and PC this game was a first person style shooter. Playing as one of the four boys in story mode you need to rid South Park of turkeys using a variety of different South Park themed weapons. The game takes place in and around South Park which for the time on the N64 was well created using great 3D style graphics. The game also had some but not much South Park humour and the only fun really in the game was hitting your friends with snowballs but like many games it had a short appeal.

The game had alright music and as I said earlier the graphics are quite good. The first person perspective works well but this game just feels shoddy and not brilliant. It doesn't have a wow factor to it but I believe like every other TV and Movie license don't get your hopes up as you will be disappointed. The controls are ok and the multiplayer is alright. Playing as more characters than the four boys in multiplayer works well surprisingly.

To conclude South Park the game isn't brilliant. It isn't as bad as Chef's Luv Shack but isn't as good as South Park Rally. This game like the others in the South Park franchise was a quick cash-in for die hard fans. If you like South Park and want it for a collection get it but this is the only reason to keep this game. Like other TV and Movie licenses it sounded good but isn't good.