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Specimen II: The apple Quest

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Released: 1991

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Crash

Developer: Andy Remic

Submitted by: Lee Tatlock

Blob is back, baby, and this time he’s out to collect eight apples at the behest of his master Liggs Kragvarda! Again the controls are simple and not much has changed since Blob the Blobs last outing. He can still use his levitation platform device and can still shoot lasers much to the detriment of your overall energy supply. Again you can collect energy tanks to replenish your threatened supply: threatened, yes, by more Foot and Mouth Beasties! Shoot first and ask questions later would be the normal course of action but remember that energy supply! It’s a vicious circle for our cute protagonist but in your, hopefully capable, hands he should be able to make his way across the now even bigger world.

On the graphics front I have to admit I’m not as impressed by this second outing, it’s not that it’s hideous looking, it’s still a solid effort, but it isn’t as cohesive and varied looking as the last game. Perhaps the first was a success and this was a bit of a rush job, there is only a year between them but that could have only been a matter of months. This may also be evident in the near identical gameplay, I can’t make rash judgments though because I don’t know and it’s still a spiffing game.

So if you played and enjoyed the original Specimen you will find little changed but still much to love. I can’t recommend this and its prequel enough, in such a massive library of games there is more than a fair share of dross out there, but this isn’t one such offender – a fine Specimen (sorry).