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Released: 1990

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Crash

Developer: Andy Remic

Submitted by: Lee Tatlock

Blob the blob was a character who featured in a few games by Andy Remic, his games where often featured on the front of magazines such as Crash and Sinclair User and as far as I can make out he used to run a mail order company selling his games under name of Psychedelic Hedgehog. Well let’s get on with the review eh. This Blob based adventure is the first of a two parter with great, bold, graphics and more than a nod to excellent Starquake by Bubblebus Software.

Blob is a cute little effort with big eyes and massive amounts of ‘awww’ factor. He can shoot little lasers but has limited ammo based on an energy gauge of an initial 100 shots. Fear not though as there are a few energy packs hidden about to aid you in your tiny quest. Also Blob can create little platforms underneath himself that allows him to get around in a rather nifty and efficient fashion. Your quest sees you mooching around an alien world filled with creatures known as ‘Foot and Mouth Beast,’ yes the game is a little off it’s head before you ask, and to get energy that is rapidly depleted by touching these beasts you have to eat magic potatoes, which look surprisingly like apples. Other than all of the above you must collect enough key cards to get back to your ship and that is about it really.

The map is colourful but most importantly it’s absolutely huge and filled with underground caverns and cool looking backdrop elements. However the main thing to note about the general hugeness is that without a map you’re gonna be doubling back like nobodies business.

So what else is there to say about Specimen: Great graphics, check, cool gameplay, check, suitably wacky story, check…ah yes! The controls are spot on, so it’s all good – in fact it’s better than good it’s a hidden gem that everyone should dig up and have a crack at! Enjoy!