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Speed Devils

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Released: 1999

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft

Submitted by: James Holian

When the Dreamcast was discontinued I managed to pick up loads of cheap games. One of those titles was Speed Devils . Since I didn't pay that much for the game, I wasn't expecting too much either. But I was pleasantly surprised.

For a first-generation title, Speed Devils is an incredibly impressive racing game. For gamers who really love to drive fast, this game satisfies that urge. The tracks are very well-designed, offering plenty of fun and the control and handling of the cars are just perfect. But the one thing that stood out for me were the incredible graphics in this game, which are simply stunning! Change the time setting to sunset, go to many of the stages and you will know what I mean. This game has some of the best-looking skies I've seen, and Ubi Soft should be commended on that. I was just very, very impressed with the beautifully rendered, detailed graphics in this game, and the Dreamcast has it’s share of great graphics.

I recommend Speed Devils to anyone who is up to a fun gaming challenge. There is also the option to bet on the outcome of races and buy and upgrade cars with the money you earn by winning. You can also use that money to buy tires and other things to be more equipped for your race.

If you're looking for a fun and furious arcade style racer with some unique humorous touches and plenty of eye-popping visuals, Speed Devils is just the ticket!