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Spellcasting 101 – Sorcerers Get All The Girls

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Released: 1990

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: PC - DOS

Publisher: Legend Entertainment

Developer: Steve Meretzky

Submitted by: Stefan Hubertus

In this text adventure with graphics you play the young boy Ernie Eaglebeak, who is terrorized every day by his step father in the fantasy world of Peloria. One day this step father decides to sell Ernie to a dragon farmer and Ernie decides to escape to the Sorcerer University. Luckily there is a tick off box on the appliance form, that answers the question "What qualifies you as a sorcerer?" with "Evil step father". During the first school days Ernie learns a lot about magic, but something really bad happens to the university and its stutends. Suddenly Ernie has to travel the land and try to stop an evil wizard, who is behind all this.

The story is quite basic, although Meretzky's humor oozes through every line of text and there is also a lot of erotic adventures Ernie can take part in. Even the parser somethimes execuses itself and asks the player not to report him to the "Guild of Parsers". His job is at stake!

The EGA graphics still look quite nice today (in my eyes even better than the VGA pictures in the sequel) and the rarely played sound effects add a nice touch of atmopshere to them. Anyway the writing is much more important for a text adventure and this is one of the best, I have ever played.

The puzzles and the spell system are clearly inspired by Infocom's classic Enchater series, but because of the added tons of humor and references to other games this is only a superficial connection. The game still plays fine today and a big chunk of the humor is still timeless and entertaining.