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Splash Lake

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Released: 1991

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: PC EngCD/TurboGrafxCD

Publisher: NEC

Developer: NEC

Submitted by: Alley Kat

Splash Lake is a super quirky puzzle game for 1 or 2 players. You control a slightly sinister looking ostrich and progress through the many single screen levels by killing a varied collection of nasties, including rabbits, monkeys, snakes, chain-smoking sunglasses wearing tree stumps(!) and other equally bizarre foes. 

The levels are all based around networks of tiles suspended over the titular lake. By pecking and cracking the tiles at strategic points, whole sections collapse into the water, taking your enemies down at the same time.

The game throws deviously designed level, after deviously designed level at you, whilst becoming surprisingly tense as you try desperately to steer your ostrich out of trouble before the time limit runs out.

Although simple, the graphics are pretty, with some excellent looking cutesy sprites and a pleasing effect when the tiles collapse taking your shocked looking foes with them.

The music is very odd, to say the least, with all kinds of off beat parp-parp tunes accompanying your ostrich antics to comedic effect.

Splash Lake is great, surprisingly challenging, fun. A unique puzzler that deserves and rewards investigation.

Excellent stuff.