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Stay Tooned

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Released: 1996

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: PC - Windows

Publisher: Sierra

Developer: Funny Bone Interactive

Submitted by: Eric Hoover

An action-adventure 'point-and-click' game that really looked like it was made for kids, in fact was fun for gamers of all ages and animation fans. The story hero is you, a person living in a crappy apartment in a unknown city. One night, you end up hitting a button on your remote that releases a bunch of chaotic cartoon characters and transforms your apartment building into an animated playground. It's up to you to make your way, room-to-room, to find the missing remote control to send the toons back into their world.

As mentioned, the game is pretty much for everyone. While the game gears toward kids, the game has it's share of tongue and cheek humor that kids won't get but adults will laugh at. Also, this game never plays the same twice. Everythng is random and everything you've seen in cartoons can happen. Chocked full of humor, interactive gags, and songs, this game will keep you wanting to play. Not to mention there are a selection of games you can play in old school red-and-blue 3-D.

The best part of this game is the game play. You seamlessly move from the main game to mini-games, like a shooter in a western saloon to tossing a bomb back at a toon just to see the hallway be completely destroyed in the process. Not to mention each room is crammed full of interactive objects and videos. I can say I wasted hours just playing this game. I think it's because the gameplay keep the story moving so well. You literally never know what you'll run into and it builds the plot up well to the very end, which is sort of over used. It still doesn't kill the twist at the end (thank god!).

Thumbs up, this was a good cheap find for anyone who wanted a fun time waster.