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Super Bomberman 4

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Released: 1996

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: SNES

Publisher: Hudson Soft

Developer: Hudson Soft

Submitted by: James Nelson

You ever played Bomberman? Not yet you haven’t. This little Japan-only sucker is not only the best in the SB batch – it’s the best damn Bomberman game ever released.

Why is it so good? Oh, I’ll tell you. First off, the characters – remember Bomberman Black? Red? Green? Well, they’re taking a break (although they may stop by and visit you during single-player mode). Instead, you get THE BOMBER KINGS – Four additional characters that you battle it out with in single player and then get to helm during multiplayer. And they are awesome. Not only do they look badass, but they all are packing a special move – Rocket Guy can tear people apart with his jet pack, Flame Dude can blast you away with his flamethrower, Cyclops “MyFaceisMelting” McGee can  swing a mace around and whack you in the freaking head – it’s pretty redonkulous, and it mixes really well with the gameplay – it’s balanced, but adds a cool new element. So, no more Fat Bomber, Old Bomber, Dog Bomber… we get real characters this time around.

As for the animals, we lose the stupid Kangaroo team from SB3 and actually get some pretty cool mounts – tanks, fish, yellow star-eyed monsters that shoots music to make enemy bombers fall asleep, you name it – they’re way more diverse and a lot more fun. Sorry, Kangaroos. You can come back later and wreck SB5.

The single player is pretty cool – the aforementioned deathmatches against the Bomber Kings are pretty rockin’, and the bosses are well designed (better than SB1’s giant Shakespeare Clown Face). It won’t last long, but why the hell are you playing single player anyway, you big loser? It’s Bomberman!

The multiplayer is where this mofo has it – and by it, I mean the best bombing experience you’ll ever get. The stages are varied and cool, the power-ups are as powered-up as ever, and if you can make it through the Japanese text, it’s pretty customizable, even letting dead Bombers attack you from off screen. Heh, try and get me, losers!

Don’t let anybody tell you different. This is THE Bomberman.