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Super Mario Land 2

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Released: 1992

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Nintendo

Submitted by: Alex Holmes

When Super Mario Land 2 was released it surpassed even the original which was released almost 3 years earlier.

The game borrowed heavily from the NES classic Super Mario Bros 3 with features such as various power ups including the flower hat, racoon hat and the bubble which enables Mario to fly.

The game has a map based system which enables you to easily switch from zone to zone, clearing levels in the order which suits you and collecting the all important golden coins.  The zones themselves are well designed and incorporate themes such as halloween, underwater and outer space.  Clearing a zone and defeating the end boss awards one of the 6 coins, and when all 6 are collected Warios castle is unlocked for the final showdown.

Additional minigames can be played when a level is cleared by ringing a bell which is usually precariously placed and end of level gate.  The games include a grabbing claw which can award power ups or extra lives, a slot machine which awards bonus tries and the mouse game, in which you stop two mice chewing wires to send a current to a perticular prize. 

Graphicaly, the game is a huge advance from the original, with bigger and more animated characters.  There isnt as much on screen due to the larger sprites but this doesnt present a problem.  Another point is the save game which didnt feature in the orginal Mario Land.  The cartridge can hold 3 seperate saves, making multiple games possible.

Overall this is an essential game.  I would say try it if you havent already but I think every man and his dog has played this!