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Super Turrican

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Released: 1993

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: SNES

Publisher: Kemco

Developer: Factor 5

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Super Turrican is a Run and Gun game based on the C64 game Turrican. It is a adrenaline filled experience which was ported to a variety of systems including the Mega-Drive and NES. Playing the game across huge levels, unforgiving bosses and enemies it is a challenging experience, but it is also a fun one.

Super Turrican has you in the role of Bren McGuire whose job it is to save the planet of Katakis from the Machine. The way in which you save the planet is by shooting and blowing up everything in sight. With you're trusty customisable weapons you kill everything in you're path, very familiar to another game. As well as this Bren is able to turn into a ball and drop bombs which kill his enemies and from turning into a ball is able to access all different areas, similar to another game. The two games in question are Contra and Metroid and it is said that Super Turrican is the splicing of the two games into one and it's a great one at that.

Super Turrican has some brilliant graphics, gameplay, controls and sound. The music is fantastic and the colours are really bright and vibrant. The difficulty of the game is shall we say relentlessly challenging. It isn't as hard as Contra but is a hard game. It is a challenge to play but it is a fun challenge nonetheless. The weapons are really fun and the enemies are a delight to kill and explode.

To conclude Super Turrican is a classic game. A gaming experiment gone right it is a brilliant combination of elements of Contra and Metroid making a fulfilling and adrenaline filled experience. It is true testiment to the SNES and is everything a SNES game should be. It has been re-released for the Wii Virtual Console and is priced at 800 wii points along with the Mega-Drive version Mega-Turrican meaning everyone can play this great game once more.