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Supermodels Go Wild

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Released: 1994

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: 3DO

Developer: Vivid

Submitted by: Richard Moore

Now we’re really scraping the barrel…

One can imagine the unique possibilities of FMV gaming – a long since forgotten genre that came and went in the early-mid nineties with the advent of CD technology – had it been explored properly. Instead, we were left with a legacy that included weird experiments, painfully bad acting and things like this.

‘This’ can’t really be described as a game and is actually rather boring, an impressive achievement given that a) the title contains the word ‘Wild’ and b) sexy models in bikinis are the main characters (cast). That’s right, women and bikinis somehow manage to be dull. Madness indeed.

With that bombshell dropped, allow me to describe Supermodels Go Wild to you (can’t believe I’m even doing this). Labelled as an interactive ‘Video Disc’, it’s basically nothing more than a small selection of short FMV videos starring bored-looking models as they frolic on beaches, clamber pointlessly on rocks or lounge around on yachts. That’s it. Sound consists of some cheesy background music (the kind that would make the stairs look appealing if you heard it drifting from an open elevator) and the only ‘interaction’ is choosing which video to watch. The girls themselves are nice to look at but are clearly forcing their smiles and most likely wondering just who would so pathetic to actually pay for this.

In any case, there’s nothing overly exciting here – despite the ’18’ label which seems to hint at nudity or worse – so the existence of SMGW is a bit of a mystery. True, it could almost have been gold dust to an 11 year old but then again, how many 11 year old’s had the $700 that a 3DO cost back in the early nineties?.

In summary, Supermodels Go Wild is only really worth owning if you (like me) are into weird/obscure games or absolutely must have every 3DO release ever. As you might expect, it’s pretty uncommon (like with the other Video CD’s – yes there are more!) since anybody with any sense would have boycotted this oddity and just bought a (much cheaper) magazine of the same nature.

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