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Released: 1993

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Amiga 1200

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Bullfrog Productions

Submitted by: James Langstone

As anyone will tell you or that you can see for yourself from my site or other reviews, I am somewhat a fan of the Amiga system. Be it for the fact that the games looked better and played better around 75%-90% of the time, or the fact that it was my second home gaming system as a child.  Yet most of the time it is solely because of the game Syndicate, which proved without a shadow of a doubt that the Amiga was the best system to experience epic games on.

Being one of the first games of its kind to use a full working city, Syndicate put you at the heart of a brutal corporate warfare.  Where business meetings were a thing of the past and hostile takeover meant the levelling of your building and the mass slaughter of your employees!  Putting you in charge of a squad of 4 cyborg agents, the game allows you to do just about everything to make them your own!  Be it something as simple as researching new weapons for them to use, or implanting a detonation device in their bodies for that last stand blaze of glory.  Syndicate had something for every type of player.

Even dabbling in micro management, you newly expanding empire was not going to run and fund itself.  Giving you the responsibility of setting taxes for each part of the world, you had to tread the line of money grubbing for better research funding.  Or choosing to lay off so that the people would not revolt, leading to the need for some serious public relations.  This however in the world of Syndicate meant the same as the term “hostile takeover”

Dark, edgy with a cyber-punk theme running through its veins, Syndicate was best seen on the Amiga as the less said about the watered down console ports the better.  It is only a shame that this one great game was recently dusted off and but through bland machine for its recent next gen debut…