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Released: 1995

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: Virtual Boy

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Yoshio Sakamoto

Submitted by: Stuart Hunt

One of the better uses of the VB's 3D – Teleroboxer is a 1 on 1 fighting game akin to Punchout. It has to be compared to this simply because that's essentially what it is – Punchout but with robots.

The game plays brilliantly – the strange uniqueness of the VB controller with its double D-pad set up is used to full effect. Each D-pad controls each fist independently so you can block, parry and counter with relative ease. The punches on screen moving back and forth as well as your opponent ducking and weaving does give a really cool sense of 3D – the graphics really hold up the presentation also.

It starts of quite easily but by the 4th bot you really have to consider your moves before you make them otherwise you will get punished and quickly. It is a steep learning curve but with a bit of perseverence it all becomes quite fluid.

It can't all be positives can it? I mean it is the maligned VB after all! I am not one who will mock this machine, yes you look like a t**t on the train and you will need hunchback correctment surgery but the idea was sound. Just a few years too late. Anyway the issue with Teleroboxer is inherent with the main machine fault – the controller. As you have your face inside the unit you can not see what your hands are doing. Considering we have now been conditioned mentally and physically into analogue sticks and D-pads it is really hard in getting your head around two D-pads – especially when you can't see them. With practice yea great but it takes a lot of patience.