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Released: 1997

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: H2O Entertainment

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Tetrisphere was a unique Tetris game and was again still as fun as the original Tetris. The game won numerous awards for it's soundtrack in 1997 and the game was just as good as the music.

Instead of going down the screen and making lines Tetrisphere makes you go round the edges of a sphere and break the shaped blocks with the same shapes like Tetris and getting to the core of the sphere. Unlike other Tetris games Tetrisphere let you collect weapons and items to break the blocks in a certain area making the game even more tactical and strategy based than before.

The game had a variety of modes and these included: Rescue,Hide and Seek,Puzzle,Time Attack,VS Computer,2 Player Multiplayer. There is also a mode called Lines in the game but this is only available with the use of a code. This variety of different modes made the game even more fun and exciting than it began. The controls were good because of the joy-stick and buttons. The difficulty could be altered making the game easier but yet more challeging also if you wanted.

To finish Tetrisphere is a unique alternative way to play Tetris. Even now when you play this game it's a breath of fresh air compared to Tetris which has been for the last two decades. The game is fun, the music is brilliant, the graphics are colourful and look great. Tetrisphere is the unsung hero in the Tetris series but still is as fun and addictive as ever.