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The Adventures of Cookie and Cream

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Released: 1990's

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Agetec

Developer: From Software

Submitted by: rob mescolotto



Destin to make their way to the Moon Festival so as to get down and do what rabbit's do, Cookie and Cream embark on their road less travelled.  Much to their surprise the festival is disrupted by the shocking discovery that the moon has vanished (sure, why not… we have seen stranger reasons to play games).  With that said, the two juvenile lagomorphs seize the opportunity and venture over hill and over dale so as to "rescue" the moon and save the rodent's bang-a-lishous party (again, why not, personally, I have done stranger things to get to a bash).

What makes this game stand out amongst other games is the required co-operative play.  Basically a split screen top view scroller, the game requires two players to engage one controller.  The controller is held in such a way that one person uses the D-Pad where the other player uses the four buttons (triangle, square, circle and X), to control their rabbit's respective motion.  Part of the challenge, aside from resisting the urge to smack player 2 during the game, is that certain actions on player 1's side directly effect actions and objects on player 2's side, such as, by pushing a rock out of your way  over on Cookie's side will cause a bridge to form on Cream's side.  The goal is simple, similar to Paperboy, in that you race against the clock to reach the common goal at the end of the level, all the while baddies (which, remove time off the clock if your rodent is hit) and obstacles to impede progress.


So, here is the major problem… unless your under the age of 9, or playing with your girlfriend, you are not playing this game.  Really?  Yup.  The requirement to share a single controller results in awkward sitting positions and general irritation about being forced to sit so painfully close to your teammate, that after 5 minutes of gaming you would rather eat dirt then continue.  The other option is playing with your girlfriend, to which I must say, the odds that your girl embraces video games as much as you, is very unlikely.  Henceforth and notwithstanding the aforementioned, I solemnly regret to say that here lies Cookie and Cream.  Two brave bunnies with dreams to save the world, but due to lack of interest and a very unfortunate control design died in a market driven by 16 and older male gamers which lacked gamer girlfriends.  As a saving grace, if you have  kid sister whom is under the age of 16… well you may have a chance and enjoying this game… really, it's not that bad.