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The Immortal

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Released: 1990

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Will Harvey/Sandcastle

Submitted by: Mike Wilcox

With more deaths than Jason Vorhees and more blood than Dracula's fridge, The Immortal is a cracking little game by one Will Harvey.

Your mission, should you choose to accept (I know, wrong game, but still) is to save your mentor Mordamir, although he himself is calling to Dunric to save him (crossed lines or something. Damn BT!), from deep below the labyrinth you are now in. And there's no sign of David Bowie at all.

Right, first off, the graphics. All dungeony and stoney but great. They add atmosphere to the game. Are really detailed and the characters are drawn with precision. The Orcs look….well….orcy. And horrible.Next, the music. Ditto. Also adds atmosphere. But isn't as orcy. The real meat of the game is with the gameplay, though. Many times you'll face orcs and other evil creatures in the labyrinth in real-time battles. And everytime, you can do one more grotesque, bloody final blow. Be it either turning them to stone, then shattering them, splitting an orc in two or making his head explode, they all have the squidgy sound effects to go with them. But, and there's always a but, the only downside is that death hides around every corner. And I mean EVERY corner. What might look like a harmless stone floor, might give way to a vast, vast, vast (vast) death drop. A hole in the wall might hide a big creature, intent of stripping your bones of flesh. An innocent bag of spores, when added to hay, will give off deadly vapors, killing you before you can say 'Cobblers'(so, they're as useful as being trapped on a desert island with the Krankies, then). But don't let that put you off. Its a demanding game that still draws you in, leaving you wanting to get off the first level, even if your tea has gone cold and has mould on it. It has a certain something that just grabs you by the danglers and wont let go, until you find the twist in the tail. Plus, dependant on if you find a ring belonging to a certain character, changes the ending.

A cracking little game, this, IF you can forgive the difficulty.