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The Legend of Kyrandia

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Released: 1992

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: PC - DOS

Publisher: Virgin Interactive

Developer: Westwood Studios

Submitted by: Matthew 'Keith' Bridge

The Legend of Kyrandia was the first in a trilogy of adventures from Westwood. In this game you play the role of Brandon, grandson of Kallak – a wizard of the realm of Kyrandia. Malcolm, a psychotic jester imprisoned in the past by Kallak, has broken free and wishes to take over the land as well as lay down his revenge. He turns Kallak into stone leaving him with only his eyes, so that Kallak is not denied his tears for Kyrandia's sake.

This is where Brandon steps in; returning home shortly afterwards only to find that his grandfather has been turned into stone, Brandon is being told by a messenger from the Realm of the Land that he has been chosen to embark on a journey that will rid this realm of Malcolm and his evil.

You have a goal now, and you have a quest to prove yourself not only a hero, but a worthy heir to the crown and ultimately of becoming a king.

Throughout your journey you'll collect many items which will be same size in your inventory as on screen, and will even look the same (not like in LucasArts' games) and you'll learn how to master magic. Available spells include disappearing, healing yourself, summoning ice upon fire and shifting into a wisp.

Note that CD version of this game contains full speech: the main character, Brandon is voice-acted by Joseph D. Kucan who we all know as Kane in Westwood's later Command & Conquer series.