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The Legendary Axe II

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Released: 1990

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: PC Eng/Turbografx-16

Publisher: NEC

Developer: Victor Interactive Software

Submitted by: Scott Reed

I’ve been trying to make a list of my top 100 retro games. Currently there are four Hack ‘n’ Slashers on that list. Two share the name Golden Axe, one features talking turtles and the other is The Legendary Axe. Legendary Axe II, unsurprisingly, is that game’s sequel.

The first thing you should notice upon starting your slashing is that there's not a bloody axe, legendary of otherwise. You've got a sword. You might then notice that the unusual level progression and the ability to charge whichever weapon you're using that isn't an axe is also missing. Then you should notice, actually you should have noticed this before the axe thing really. is that you're not longer a windswept, dynamic caveman but a waiter from the strangely all-male bar 'Queens of the Pharaohs'.

So it's really only a sequel to Legendary Axe because the people who made it say it is. So as it's really a totally different game, let's try and judge The Adventure of Swordy McSwipeSwipe as such.

Well the controls are nothing to complain about. Unless you want to complain about them being the controls for every hack 'n' slasher and I don’t because. They, along with the animations, are smooth enough to pass for 'nice' and the hit detection's good enough and you can now jump on their heads, which most of the time is safer than slashing time. Which I’m not sure is a good thing.

The bosses are boarding on Uber-Cool however so long as you like Clive Barker (when he's not making video games). Actually that's facetious, they’re cool no matter what you like. The doll is pretty creep though, beware.

The trouble is it just doesn’t do much to stand out. It's a buyer's (player's?) market when it comes to Hack 'n' Slashers and this one doesn't really sell itself other than by pretending to be related to a game that did. It plays ok, it looks ok, it’s ok. I’m not satisfied with ok, I want good, I want great, I want my dinner.