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The Lost Patrol

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Released: 1990

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Ocean

Developer: Shadow Software

Submitted by: Matthew 'Keith' Bridge

Lost Patrol is a survival action role-playing game with strategy elements developed by Shadow Development and published by Ocean Software Ltd, released for Amiga computers in 1990 and the Atari ST in 1991. A DOS version was later released by Astros Productions. Despite appearances, all graphical cut scenes except the black and white in-game animations are hand drawn, not digitised.

The game is set during the Vietnam War, where on June 7, 1966, a U.S. helicopter, returning troops from a rest and relaxation break in Saigon crashes in remote highlands of Vietnam. Seven U.S. soldiers, survivors of the crash, face the task of trekking across 58 miles of harsh terrain infested with booby traps and enemy soldiers and make their way to Du Hoc, the nearest U.S. military base. The team has little food or ammunition and their chances of making it home are slim.

The player assumes the role of Sgt. Weaver, the only man left to take charge of the surviving crew. The player must learn the characteristics of the team, as completing the mission may hinge upon character reactions to your decisions. The game also features several action sequences.

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