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The Next Tetris

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Released: 1999

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Atari/Hasbro Interactive

Developer: Blue Planet Software

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Tetris has been around for over 20 years and has been ported many times to many different systems. in fact it is due to this that Tetris has been entered into the Guiness Book of Records and has received nine world records one which is "Most Ported Video Game". One of these record-breaking ports is The Next Tetris on the Playstation.

The Next Tetris plays like any other Tetris game. The objective is to make as many lines as possible with the various pieces which fall from the top of the screen. However, as this is a Tetris port (as with all Tetris ports) there are some new features which have been added to this version of the puzzle phenominon. Firstly, when the blocks fall from the top of the screen some of them are multicoloured. With these multicoloured blocks, the player is able to link the certain colours together and make chains which can be broken and make even more lines. Another feature is that unlike traditional Tetris where the player has to make as many lines as they can to gain the highest score. In this one there is definative levels meaning it isn't about making as many lines as you can but making enough to clear the level and advance to the next.

The game features a variety of different gameplay modes and features a brilliant multi-player option helping to keep people coming back for more. However this is Tetris, one of the most addictive games of all-time and I think people would come back for more anyway, even without the various modes and variations. The game has some brilliant graphics and music along with some great controls making it one of if not the best port of Tetris ever.

To conclude The Next Tetris is a fantastic Tetris port and maybe the best port of Tetris ever. Featuring all the standard elements of Tetris and more it is a brilliant no matter how old you are or whether you are a puzzle games fan or not. While I owned the Playstation version, The Next Tetris is also available for the Dreamcast and the PC and it is relatively cheap to pick up. So I say pick it up now because it is game you really need in you're collection.