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The Quest for Camelot

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Released: 1998

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Game Boy Color

Publisher: Titus

Developer: Titus

Submitted by: Richard Moore

As a child, I would always ask my parents for a game whenever it came to Christmas or my birthday, mostly because money is precious as a kid and £30 games were forever out of reach. One birthday however (I forget which), my parents had the notion of choosing a game for me rather than simply getting what I asked them for and so, on that particular birthday, I unwrapped The Quest for Camelot, a relatively unknown Zelda clone for the Gameboy Colour. Was I disappointed? Perhaps but I was far from ungrateful so I smiled, said “Thank you” and gave it a whirl anyway, ignoring my longing to return to whichever Pokemon game had my attention at the time.

As it turned out, The Quest for Camelot was the game of an animated film (possibly Disney or Warner Bros.) that I hadn't even heard of and still know precious little about to this day. I soldiered on regardless and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a pretty decent game actually capable of distracting me from playing with my balls – pokeballs that is. Playing like a handheld Zelda with none of the backtracking and a far more linear approach, Camelot was simple but oddly charming – not the dog I'd immediately assumed it to be.

There were some infuriating sections (using the dragon scale to zip across sinking stepping stones) and times when I was left utterly clueless at to what to do (finding the horse) but I managed to beat the game. Looking back now, Camelot is quite clearly a poor man's Zelda to the extent where the menus, items and health display were all but identical. Despite the visual similarities however, it wasn't a patch on the Gameboy Zelda's yet I still have fond memories of this one to the point where I may actually unearth the cart once again for another play-through…