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The Rugrats Movie

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Released: 1999

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Game Boy Color

Publisher: THQ

Developer: Software Creations

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

The Rugrats Movie for the GBC may not look or sound a good game but it was to everyones surprize. Many games based on films and cartoons arn't usually good but this is the exception. This platformer took the GBC to it's limits and created a great game.

The game has you playing as the rugrats trying to find Tommy's newborn brother Dil who has gone missing. To retrieve him you need to complete a variety of platform levels having you collect the correct amount of items to advance to the next stage. The game also has hidden bonus stages to keep you playing for longer which is an added plus. The game didn't have a save feature but had simple passwords which sent you to the levels.

The game had great graphics and sound for a handheld system. The colours are bright and the gameplay is simple for younger players but challenging for older players. The game can be extremely frustrating at times due to the controls and amount of items to collect. This game isn't all plain sailing but it's still a solid game especially saying it was for a handheld.

To finish The Rugrats Movie is surprisingly a great game. The stiff controls and no save feature are really the only flaws in this game. This is one of the GBC's best games and one of if not the best Rugrats game and saying it was on a handheld also shows how bad the rest of the games are up to it. This is the Rugrats finest hour in gaming and a GBC must have game for your collection.