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The Space Adventure

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Released: 1995

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Sega CD/Mega CD

Publisher: Hudson Soft

Developer: Hudson Soft

Submitted by: Gavin Miller

Cobra the Space Pirate (or Legendary Bandit as he likes to be known) Yeah I'd never heard of him too but apparently he's a big manga star over in Japan. After he lost his left arm he replaced it with a laser cannon (the pyscho-gun) which he's not afraid to use on anyone who looks at him the wrong way. Anyway enough about the main character how does the game play you ask?

Basically this game plays out in the exact same way as Snatcher. Select an option from the avalible commands and Cobra will do just that. For example, pick up this, talk to beautiful woman or beat up man minding his own business.

The story is what makes this game and it's very well put together. Cobra meets a strange sexy woman in a bar who reveals that she has part of a treasure map tattooed on her back. Her other two sisters have the remaining parts of the map tattooed on their backs but unfortunately the girls haven't kept in contact for over 20 years & could be anywhere throughout the galaxy. So the adventure begins in search of the other two girls but the Pirate Guild have caught wind of the treasure & will do anything in their power to reach the girls first. Cobra will have to deal with them & also his arch nemesis, the hilariously named "Crystal Boy"

The music is a real treat on the ears & one of the games best features. Dying isn't really a problem, you can usually dust yourself off & continue on but it is wise to save every so often. Overall an amazing game that doesn't make you want to put the controller down until the end credits roll.