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The Story of Thor

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Released: 1995

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Ancient

Submitted by: Ryan Davies

A mighty quest has been set 'pon young Thor… Except he's really called Ali. Sorry, haven't got a clue where the name of this game comes from. The American name's slightly more accurate (Beyond Oasis), but it's a bit boring, so Thor it is.

Yeah, it's mostly about two mystical armlets which can control the elemental spirits, and our lad Ali has the golden armlet. The good armlet. A mysterious bad person has the evil silver armlet, so young Ali has to gather up the four spirits and go forth and fight and solve puzzles and perform marvellous deeds and so on.

Gameplay? Think of those Zelda games everyone seems to like so much, lower the twee-factor by 80%, and replace most of the swordplay with  a Streets of Rage-style combat system. You can keep all of the weapons too, don't worry.

Stunningly graphic, graphically stunning, with music from Yuzo Koshiro. It works on the whole risk/reward thing rather well too – Levelling Up, whilst offering you greater HP, SP and STR, also lowers your overall game ranking, so it's your call, buster. Keep it quiet, but just this alone makes Thor around a billion times better than every Zelda game, ever. And that's that.