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Top Ranking Tennis

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Released: 1993

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Nintendo

Submitted by: Alex Holmes

Now, i've never really had a soft spot for tennis games.  The likes of Super Tennis on the SNES entertained me briefly before I got bored.  But when I first saw this on a friends Game Boy I couldnt believe tennis could be so entertaining.

Taking on the role of a newcomer to the pro tennis circuit you must climb the rankings of the top 100 to become the worlds top player.  And each opponent has different strengths and weknesses to their game, which forces you to adapt your style in order to win.

Three courts are available, grass, clay and hard to give a variety of playing conditions, and the control system is genius.  I remember first playing and questioning wether using the select button to lob would work, but having all four buttons used to perform different shots gives players lots more options than just using the two you would expect.

I cant think of anything I dont like about this game.  The game looks good and plays at a good speed.  The learning curve is perfect, with simple opponents to begin with leading up to annoyingly perfect players towards the end who rarely make even the slightest mistake.  Plus the addition of doubles matches add a nice team option.

The sound is also good.  The usual thwaks and bumps you would expect from a tennis game, plus the noise from the crowd at the end of a decent rally or skilled shot.  Plus speech is used to tell the score and call faults.  Its a little fuzzy but considering the Game Boys fairly modest hardware its a credible effort. 

I still remember buying this at East Midlands airports duty free shop, and this game is the reason I came back from holiday in 1993 without the slightest hint of a tan, due to the fact I was sat under the parasol all fortnight trying to beat this bloody game!

I highly recommend you give this game a go.  Plus, its the only way i'll see a British tennis player be world no. 1 in my lifetime!