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Tower of Babel

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Released: 1990

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Rainbird

Developer: MicroProse

Submitted by: Kai Lunkeit

Now this is a creative and fascinatingly addictive strategy game!

Forget the weird background story, the important thing is the challenging gameplay: somewhere in the future, in a surreal landscape full of towers, you take control of three robots: a zapper, a grabber and a pusher. In every tower waits a certain challenge and in every tower you'll have to collect certain objects, destroy or simply avoid them. Each tower is made up of four levels and each challenge can only be solved by combining the three different skills of the three robots. You can either control them directly or program a route.

The graphics window isn't really big but what you see in that window belongs to the most beautiful vector graphics you'll see on your precious Amiga! The game has no soundtrack, only some nice effects but the gameplay is so immersive that you'll simply forget that and spend hours trying to solve every challenge. But be warned: later levels become almost frustratingly difficult.