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Toy Commander

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Released: 1999

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Sega

Developer: No Cliché

Submitted by: James Holian

This was the very first game I ever played on the Dreamcast. It was in Summer 1999 I wandered into Blockbuster video which had a demo pod playing the dreamon demo disc, I went straight to the Toy Commander demo and played it for an hour, previously all I had seen of the console was footage of House of the Dead 2 on a UK late night games program called ‘Bits’ and the notorious ‘6 Million Players’ ad in the cinema (which didn’t show any game footage). After being highly impressed I saved up for the next two months in anticipation of the console launch, (delayed to October 14th), bought every new Dreamcast magazine I could find and waited impatiently until the fateful day.Unfortunately I had to wait another couple of weeks to the full Toy Commander game as it was released in the second wave of games and not at launch.

Single player mode is the meat of the game. There are seven areas to play through, ranging from every room in the house to the garage. Each area contains seven missions. The missions start easy but of course, the missions get harder as the game goes on. The early missions are there just so you get used to the controls – once you're used to those, you can get into the challenging stuff. There are plenty of missions. You'll do everything from racing to blowing up bridges to killing cockroaches.
Toy Commander is a must have for the Dreamcast owner who is a child at heart. The environments do a superb job of creating the illusion that you've somehow shrunk to the size of a mouse and are commanding an army of toy vehicles. As a bonus, this world is inhabited with sundry other toys bent on your destruction. Fortunately, after the novelty of the environments wear off (and that takes a long time), what you'll be left with is a game that is deep enough so that you'll be happy you purchased it. Beating Toy Commander will take some time you'll defiantly get your money's worth.