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Treasure of the Rudras

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Released: 1996

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: SNES

Publisher: Square

Developer: Square

Submitted by: Tom Darby

Rudra no Hihō or “Treasure of Rudras” is the last RPG that Squaresoft developed for the Super Famicom. The game has never been localized for American or European markets but a fan translation is available.
The plot incorporates flavours from Indian religions, centrally the concept of the wheel of time – every 4000 years the world is destroyed and recreated by a Rudra The story takes place during the final 15 days before humans are scheduled to be wiped out as well. While gameplay in many respects follows a model similar to the Final Fantasy series, Rudra no Hihō is best known for its innovative magic system, where 'spells' are freely constructed according to katakana spelling.
The game won me over personally with it's original style of storytelling. You are free to choose from three scenarios following different protagonists and play through their individual stories. You can do this in any order and dip in and out of a character's quest at any time to focus on another.
Treasure of the Rudras is a hidden gem and I highly recommend it to any RPG fan. It may seem a little clichéd at first but then it's innovative flair takes the helm. If you're interested in playing, then head over to fantasyanime.com to find out more about the fan translation.