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UEFA Striker

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Released: 1999

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Infogrames

Developer: Rage Software

Submitted by: James Holian

As the first football game on the Dreamcast UEFA Striker is pretty good, and as the Dreamcast had only a few football tiles in its short lifespan it remains the best of the bunch.

The graphics in UEFA Striker are good. Although they don't set a standard for Dreamcast, the graphics make the game have a nice feel to it. The thing that plagues the game are the load times. Also, there is some slight slowdown but not too much that would hurt UEFA Striker.
For sports games, game play is the most important factor. Surprisingly, the game has a bunch of goodies that you can fool around with. One goodie that I enjoyed a lot was setting the weather conditions. For some reason I loved playing in the snow. May be it's because I never saw a football match being played when it was snowing or may be it's just because it look pretty. Any ways, the AI in the game is good. Sometimes the computer can be a bit stupid but usually they do make the right decision. One thing I did not like about the game was the menus. I just takes too long to navigate and they are just very cumbersome indeed. Other than that, UEFA striker is pretty good in the game play area.

Being a huge Dreamcast fanatic for sports games, I expected the control in UEFA Striker to be better than Dreamcast's other football game which is known as the infamous Virtua Striker 2. Although the control in UEFA Striker is better than Virtua Striker's 2, it still needs a lot of work. Occasionally the control is a bit unresponsive but it doesn't become a huge factor. One thing I don't get about this game is how the computer controls your other players. Usually, when you pass off the screen, it will go to the other team because your player is not in correct position.

But despite the few problems UEFA Striker still remains the most enjoyable and recommended of the Dreamcast football titles. Although SWWS 2000: Euro Edition comes a close second.