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Released: 1997 / Platinum 1998

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Infogrames

Developer: Eden Studios

Submitted by: Matt Dawson



For a game designed to work on a 32 bit system, this game loads very quickly and shows that the playstation was really setting the standards when it came to home gaming.

As soon as you get past the initial load the game flows very nicely. You can pick from 4 game modes, Arcade, championship, time trail and 2 player. But before we get into that let’s check the option screen out.

In Arcade Mode you can choose from 3 levels, easy (4 races), medium (6 races) and hard (8 races). Each has different weather conditions and also consists of some night races.

You can choose from 11 cars, between 2 & 6 laps and how quick your turbo boost is (works as a handicap option).

When you move to the next screen you can change your car settings, and even gives you the option to change if you would like would like your car to under or over steer. One thing which really stands out for this game is the loading times, or lack of them. The average is around 10 seconds which on a game 14 years old and a console even older is fantastic.

Once the game starts you immediately notice the great graphics and brilliant sounds effects. The cars are easily definable and recognisable and the scenery looks great. The sounds are clear and very atmospheric and at time of release this game was really setting the standard on how games should look. The courses are fantastic and challenging and your choice of cars can really get the best out of them.

The game engine runs like a dream and brings a fantastic pace to the game. The CPU cars are not just there to make up the numbers either, you may as well be playing against your mate sitting next to you, brilliantly done!


This is seriously a sega rally killer, and it was only just the start.